My name is Emily! I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in Billings, Montana. I moved out east when I was 9 years old and stayed! I am married to my best friend for 3 years now and we have an amazing 1 year old son, David. He is the light of my life, sunshine in my day.. he gives me all the feels. I am a nurse on the weekends and a stay-at-home Mom during the week. I am all about saving $$ where $$ can be saved and I enjoy sharing my tips and tricks! I love DIY projects and crafts and being super creative. I am a huge animal lover! ADOPT DON’T SHOP! I have fostered three incredible pups over the last three years that would not have had the opportunity to enjoy a life full of love if it weren’t for rescues, fosters, volunteers and those wonderful people who ADOPT! Thank you! I love being outdoors and enjoying the adventure. I love bonfires, smores, wildlife ect. The ocean scares the crap out of me! Love the sand in my toes though. I am a homebody and enjoy life at home. Home is my happy place! I have two cats, Oakley and Milo. Milo has bipolar and Oakley is a sweetie but gets into everything. I also have a very large pup, Hudson. Love him to pieces but no matter what he does he does not have the ability to be quite. LOL Anyways… enough about me for now! Looking forward to my blogging adventures!