My name is Emily! I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in Billings, Montana. I moved out east when I was 9 years old and stayed! I am married to my best friend for 3 years now and we have an amazing 1 year old son, David. He is the light of my life, sunshine in my day.. he gives me all the feels. I am a nurse on the weekends and a stay-at-home Mom during the week. I am a new photographer with my first Canon DSLR! I love taking photos and capturing the moment. I love nature photography! I am here to learn and am always looking for advice and tips! I am a huge animal lover! ADOPT DON’T SHOP! I have fostered three incredible pups over the last three years that would not have had the opportunity to enjoy a life full of love if it weren’t for rescues, fosters, volunteers and those wonderful people who ADOPT! I love being outdoors and enjoying the adventure. I love bonfires, camping, wildlife ect. I am a homebody and enjoy life at home. Home is my happy place! I have two cats, Oakley and Milo. I also have a very large pup, Hudson.  I am looking forward to my blogging adventures!